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HP DesignJet and LaserJet Service and Repair

As an HP Preferred Partner, PTC Select is your one stop solution for HP Designjet service. We will help you find the large format printers and plotters that best fits your company’s needs and its budget. Our experienced technicians will install, service, and maintain your printer to ensure that it is always functioning at peak performance. We also offer complete LaserJet repair for our customers who utilize that printer system.

The exceptional quality and reliability of the HP Designjet has made it a top choice among companies with large format printing and imaging needs. With expert printer maintenance and Designjet repair from PTC Select, you can be confident that your printer will always be available when you need it. Our printer repair technicians are available to answer your questions by phone and walk you through the features of your Designjet. We can also offer immediate assistance with troubleshooting, which will save your company time and the expense of an onsite service call. In many instances, problems can be resolved with simple solutions, such as only using genuine HP inks, changing print quality settings, or selecting a higher grade of paper. If your problems cannot be resolved over the telephone, we will dispatch one of our expert technicians right to your office for the necessary Designjet repair.

PTC Select’s Designjet service also includes advising companies on upgrades to their plotters and printers. The latest software can create very large files, and adding memory to the printer is often necessary to take advantage of top notch software. When it is time to add a new printer to your office or replace an older model, PTC Select will guide you through the selection process. We are proud to offer the most current HP Designjet models, including the T2300 Series, which is the first ever Internet-ready printing system. It is an exciting new technology that allows for scanning, printing from USB thumb drives (no PC needed!), uploading content to the web, sharing and collaboration among team members, and much more.

HP Designjet Repair

If you need Designjet repair, call the experienced technicians at PTC Select. We offer onsite repair service in your office in the Peoria area. Trust only a trained engineer to fix your large format printer to avoid the potentially costly damage that can result from having an untrained tech tinker with your printer. PTC Select technicians are available for immediate assistance when you need Designjet service or repair. We can repair virtually any printer problem. Whether your problem has a relatively simple solution like an advanced cleaning or needs more complex maintenance such as carriage belt repair or replacement, you can count on PTC Select for professional, quality service. Contact us for any Designjet repair, including (but not limited to):

  • Carriage belt repair
  • Print head service
  • Carriage motor replacement
  • Power supply repair or replacement
  • Service to electronics
  • Sensor replacement
  • Other services

HP LaserJet Repair

In addition to being a leading Designjet service center, PTC Select is also Peoria’s most trusted LaserJet repair center. You can trust our highly experienced technicians to perform all the necessary maintenance, service, upgrades, and repairs on your LaserJet printer. We offer prompt onsite service to quickly resolve your printer issues. With a large inventory of genuine replacement parts in stock, we are able to restore your LaserJet to excellent working order in the shortest time possible. Our prompt and professional technicians will repair your printer correctly the first time, sparing your company costly delays. We offer the complete range of LaserJet repair and service, including:

  • Hardware and parts replacement
  • Resolving printer error codes
  • Solving printer driver issues
  • Networking your printers and computers
  • Replacing the power supply
  • Other services